No Masks/No Social Distancing at a NYC Park

Every day throughout NYC, other States, and Countries – The majority of people are not respecting the social distance or face mask request by Medical professionals or other officials. For those intelligent enough to know the consequences of not following the rules, we will continue to take all the necessary precautions to avoid the possibility of contracting Covid-19. We need to completely stay away and avoid individuals that are outright inconsiderate and bottom-line STUPID and CARELESS. The Mayor and Gov. of NYC promise enforcement at city parks and other establishments for those individuals that do not practice social distancing or wear a face mask. But here is photographic proof of what really goes on throughout the city of NY. Not one Police Officer or city official has been present in these locations to enforce the law.
The City has enacted public health social distancing restrictions and face-covering rules to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Social distancing restrictions include:
Keeping 6 feet away from others (non-family group members)
Not engaging in team sports.
Not gathering in groups of more than 25.
These are from a local city playground opened by Mayor De Blasio. Note how no Face Mask or Social Distancing is being practiced or enforced-not to mention how they also utilize the playground to smoke marijuana while children are in the area playing. I called 911 and was told to call 311. I called 311 made a complaint. No one ever showed up. This Mayor has created a serious and dangerous situation for all New Yorkers. This Mayor is 100% to blame for the spike in Gun Violence, overall crime, and empty B.S promises that everything is under control. This BOZO should come to these high Crime neighborhoods and enforce what he preaches.


Words and Photos by Placido David Perez

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