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What do I love about the Chest Vest by
I have been called “the Queen of the Bags” because I have so many camera bags, and I am always in search of the “perfect” bag. I used to wear a vest but with so much in the pockets, it hurt my neck. The chest vest holds just as much and you can even buy additional pouches, and because it doesn’t sit on your neck, you don’t feel it. The weight is evenly distributed over your shoulders and it has a waist belt to even take more of the weigh off. When not wearing it as a vest, you can easily carry it over one shoulder.
What else do I like about it? EVERY piece of gear is at my disposal-right in front of me. I don’t have to take off a backpack and lie it down to get another lens-it is right there in front of me in a pouch. My career is very diverse-from shooting concerts in a very tight “photo pit” to events, and sports and there isn’t always time to stop, put down a bag to reach in and grab what is needed. I also shoot aerials from a helicopter and even strapped in, it is so easy to get what I need for a quick lens change.  This is what makes the chest vest so perfect-everything is right in front of me and easy to grab out of a pouch.
The newest addition is the foul weather digital chest vest which is pure dont have to worry about expensive gear getting wet in a bag, and you never have to put it down on the wet ground to get what you need. You can buy additional pouches and customize your chest vest  the way you want. They come in a male and female version, along with various sizes, including one for foul weather.
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Review and Photos By Debra L. Rothenberg

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