Brooklyn Truck Chase

Brooklyn Truck Chase

Chaos tore across Brooklyn late Monday morning, when a police chase involving a U-Haul truck came to a halt after leaving a trail of destruction from Bay Ridge to Red Hook. The driver, now identified by the police as 62 year old Weng Sor, started his reign of terror when police attempted to pull him over a little before 11 am. Sor allegedly refused to stop and fled, mowing down a man on an electric bike at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 75th Streets. The U-Haul jumped the curb several blocks away, hitting a man on a scooter and nearly running over even more pedestrians, with a police van in close pursuit. 

Seven individuals, including a police officer, were injured during the rampage; two of those injured were listed in critical condition, another two were listed in serious condition, and the rest of the injuries are considered minor, as announced by New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell. The bomb squad was brought in under the suspicion that there were explosives in the truck, but those fears ended up being unfounded. Commissioner Sewell went on to state that at this point in the investigation, that there is “no indication” of any terrorism involved in this case, but also reminded citizens that the investigation is ongoing. 

Sor has a history of run-ins with the law, as he did a three year stint in prison for stabbing his brother in Nevada, and received a couple of summons from NYPD on two separate occasions on the Belt Parkway. 

This is a breaking news story, and information is still being released. 

Photos by Bruce Cotler

Story by Emily Cotler

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