Man Jumps To His Death fFom Mall Roof Parking Lot

Man Jumps Off Roof

Suicide at Kings Plaza  

Tragedy struck this morning, when an elderly man leapt to his death at Kings Plaza Mall in the Mill Basin neighborhood of south Brooklyn. The man, who was in his 80s, hailed from the Far Rockaways and drove into the parking structure with the intent to jump from the roof of the building. Sources state that the gentleman had underlying health conditions, and “didn’t want to be a burden on family”.

The incident occurred around 8:30 in the morning, as people headed to work along the crowded intersection at Flatbush Avenue and Avenue U. Allegedly, the man climbed a ladder on the parking garage’s roof and plunged to his death. The scene unfolded rather gruesomely, with the man’s body so mangled that responding police officers needed to erect a tent to shield the body from onlookers. 

The mall, which was not open at the time of the incident, is no stranger to tragedy; in recent years, altercations have ranged from a massive fire that ripped through the parking structure just over four years ago and a shooting that occurred inside Kings Plaza just last year. The man’s identity has yet to be released, pending family notification. 

This is an ongoing story. 

New York, an unidentified elderly man drove from queens pulled into Kings Plaza Parking structure roof top either brought or found a ladder placed it near the edge and climbed the ladder then jumped to his death.NYPD , mall security and the city medical examiner showed up to the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Photos By Bruce Cotler

Story By Emily Cotler

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