The 20th Tunnel 2 Tower Run

The 20th Tunnel 2 Tower Run- a 5k run and walk in NYC filled with runners of all kinds to commemorate the run on 9/11 of Fireman Stephen Siller from Brooklyn to Manhattan through the Hugh L. Carey tunnel.
The run pays tribute to the 343 FDNY firefighters, 71 law enforcement officers and thousands of civilians who lost their lives on that catastrophic day 20 years ago. All proceeds to the event go to supporting those of first responders and injured service members.
Service members adorned with images of those lost and holding flags lined the streets in support of the runners as they passed through the tunnel and ran their way through lower Manhattan to the finish line.  Runners start in Brooklyn run thru the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel and end the run by the Freedom tower in Manhattan.

Photos by Bruce Cotler and Bianca Otero

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